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DaFuShan Barbecue

   In order to enrich the spare time of the staffs, our company has organized a BBQ in the DaFuShan Park. In a nice morning, the park was full of laughter which broke the silence of the park. All of us were quick exciting and arriving at the park so early, with this opportunity we could strengthen the relationship between the colleagues. The first thing we should do was light up the furnace, it was a great trouble. Look Ming is trying to light up the furnace, he takes a fan in his left hand and some news paper in his right hand, squatting nearing the furnace and waving the pan for dear life. But the furnace made a joke with him, the furnace has not been lighted up. At the same time the female colleagues were putting the beef, the wings, the spareribs, the pork and the maize in the pans, and placing around the furnace. After a few minutes Ming has lighted up the furnace, and the he said to us, I have occupied the furnace, let’s go! No body could stand up to the delicious food. We quickly picked up the forks and started baking. Chen picked up his cup and said, cheers for the future of our WinToo. The ambiance was push up to the high tide. It was a so emotional environment, just like at home, and made me forget the home sick.
   WinToo is a young company, in the other hands just because of young, the company is lively. The leaders of our company are concerned about the staffs’ spare time, and organized this BBQ, provide a chance for the staffs to fully relax from the daily work. I think the future of the Wintoo is beautiful and I believe I could grow up with WinToo.
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