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Guangzhou WinToo Hotel Equipment CO,.LTD

GuangZhou WinToo Hotel Equipment CO.,LTD locates in the PanYun DongSheng Industrial Zone with a graceful environment.

Our company is a professional producer of the equipments for the west-style and Chinese food shops. The products of us are including 5 main series: electrical product, stainless steel container, boiled-water heater, storage shelf and dining cart, about 200 kinds of products. They can satisfy different customers' requirement. Most products of us have the CE approve.

With the wide sale net and the high quality sold service, our products are repeatedly sold to Europe, North America, Middle East and Southeast Asia . The quality and the price of the products are the key to the gate of the market. And with the high quality and the suitable price, our products are warmly received by the customers.

The Chinese catering trade is developing quickly. The Ministry of Commerce appraises that the increasing business volume of the catering should reach 880 billions. It must push on the development of the equipments of the catering trade. Our company will firmly grasp this opportunity, rely on the market and develop more new products to face the different requirements of the customers. Profession Create Brand is the concept of our company. We want to create a beautiful sky of our own with you.
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